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There are so many great benefits to using Premium Anti-Reflection Coatings on your Spectacle Lenses:

  • Anti-reflection coatings increase the light transmission through a spectacle lens to about 99%. More light means easier vision, particularly when driving at night!
  • There are less reflections off the lenses surfaces! This means its easier for people to see your eyes when talking to you or to see your eyes when people take photos of you. The coatings also significantly reduce the reflections we all get off computer screens.
  • Good anti-reflection coatings are actually harder than most anti-scratch coatings, so your spectacle lenses will scratch less, potentially meaning you can replace them less frequently. This could save you money in the long run!
  • Good anti-reflection coatings also cut out significantly more UV light than lenses that don’t have them on, thus helping to protect your eyes (and the skin around your eyes) form the harmful effects of UV exposure, like Cataract formation, Age-related macular degeneration, pterygiums and pinguecula formation!

Buy a pair & get your second pair for fREE!

Offer Valid until 31 Dec 2020

3 for 1 on daily lenses!

Offer Valid until 31 January 2021

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